Home Security System: Security System Panel, Products, Actuators, and Connection

Every home security system consists of these parts: A security system panel, the security products or devices, the actuators, and the connection. The connection is not so much a “part” of the system but how the system is run; nonetheless, it is an essential part that keeps the security system functioning. With all the parts working together, your home security system can protect you from all kinds of security threats, whether they are intruders and housebreakers or floods and fires. This is how each of these parts works.


Typing alarm code 187979771The security system panel – also called the control panel, access control panel, and central access control panel, or some combination thereof – is the place where everything is controlled. This is the brain of the security system, where everything is programmed, labeled, ordered, enabled, disabled, altered, etc. to keep it functioning as you (the homeowner) desire. Without this security system part, your whole system would have no control and nothing would work as a unit.

Security Products and Devices

Home security products and devices are the tools that do the security monitoring. For example, your home security cameras monitor your house and yard for possible home invaders who would rob you of your possessions, while your water sensor monitors your water heater to prevent an accidental flood from taking you unawares. Infrared motion sensor 466282673Likewise, your motion sensor lights are there to turn on if someone is walking around where they shouldn’t be and trespassing on your property, while your carbon monoxide detector is simply there to detect the presence of that poisonous gas we humans can’t see, hear, or smell. These are the parts that make your system distinct, because how you choose to manage your home security – whether you focus on surveillance, deterrence, monitoring, detection, or all of the above – will be unique to you and your home.


No system of products is guaranteed to function automatically without fail no matter what. Thus, there are actuators, or manual devices used to turn on or power the security system products. With these, you have the backup of being able to still power the system when a connection otherwise goes out.


The connection for a home security system can be one of several types. 1254480_84097959Wired was the most common once upon a time because it was all we had; these security systems were connected with wiring inside your walls, which wiring would allow the parts to cooperate and would allow you to contact your monitoring service via the landline. Now we have wireless systems that need no wires, broadband security that uses internet services, VoIP security that uses voice messaging, and cellular security that runs on cellular phone networks. Whatever the connection is for your home security system, it is what allows your devices to communicate with each other, with the security system panel, and with your monitoring service back at your central monitoring station.

Putting together these parts makes the whole system protect your house fully and efficiently. Therefore, choosing your home security system part will not only require that you carefully select all these parts but that you trust a home security company to help you put together your system so that they are all running as they should be, without complication and without malfunction. To speak to a representative from a home security company and be able to have more of your questions answered, call 866-565-4305.